BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – 1st Choice Roofers and Renovations is the Greater Binghamton Chamber’s Business of the Week.

The roofing company specializes in gutters, siding, duct work, interior sheet rock, painting, and of course, roof work.

Owner Mayra Luna says she is fully involved in every project and teaches her employees to be detailed-oriented.

She says a big selling point with her customers is that 1st Choice Roofers will record drone footage above the building to show the before and after of the project.

Owner of 1st Choice Roofers & Renovations Mayra Luna says, “I don’t make the call, you know? They make the call. I give them the, what if you did do this, and what if you didn’t? Or, what if we go this route. Instead of basically telling them what it is they want.”

Luna says that 1st Choice Roofers offers the biggest bang for your buck.

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