Bundy Museum to hold event dedicated to Serling’s brief radio career

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Before becoming an icon in television history, Twilight Zone creator and Binghamton native Rod Serling had an early career in radio.

As part of its ongoing “In The Zone” series, the Rod Serling Archive located within the Bundy Museum in Binghamton is hosting an event dedicated to Serling’s brief radio career.

While a student at Antioch College, he did an internship with WNYC radio in New York City.

While there, he was used to voice the roles of young characters during radio dramas of the time.

Assistant Archivist Alexis Tauterouff says it wasn’t his first foray into radio though, having once been let go at hometown station WINR. “It’s almost an unknown fact that he had actually been fired initially for his speaking voice.  So, to be able to hear him doing this radio program where it’s entirely his speaking voice carrying the program is going to be very interesting.”

Saturday’s event begins at 6 PM in the Bundy Annex.

Attendees will hear a recording acquired by archivist Michael Pipher of a WNYC episode called “Stolen Radio” which features Serling.

He will also play a half-hour radio program titled “You’ll Be The Bad Guy” which Serling wrote, but did not perform in.

The second half of the event will feature Johnny and Helen Holmes of New Jersey who hosts a weekly Old Time Radio Show on the internet every Friday night.

They will play a couple of non-Serling programs from the Golden Age of Radio.

A $5 donation is requested.

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