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Brozzetti's Pizza re-opens after recent fire

JOHNSON CITY, N.Y. - A previous Pizza Week participant and popular Johnson City pizzeria is back open after suffering a fire two weeks ago.

Brozzetti's Pizza located at 72 Baldwin Street next to Wilson Hospital re-opened Monday.

It was closed for 12 and a half days after a fire started near an oven and on the roof.

Manager Rob Brozzetti says he noticed a small amount of smoke which he thought was burning grease, something that routinely occurs.

However, after about 30 seconds, smoke was billowing inside the shop and people passing by opened the door and said the roof was on fire.

Brozzetti got on top of the roof and began throwing snow on the flames to put it out, and JC fire responded shortly after.

Brozzetti says the shop has received an influx of support from the community.

"We've been overwhelmed with the number of calls and messages.  People ask what happened and they're wishing us a speedy return.  People are just generally showing sincere concern.  It's really turned into a heart-warming experience," said Brozzetti.

Brozzetti says a cause of the fire has not been determined.

An 8x8 section of the roof has been repaired and preventative measures are now in place.

Brozzetti's is open just in time for the Super Bowl, and is currently taking orders for the big game.

However, the store will be closed for a week after Super Bowl to give employees their annual vacation.

Brozzetti adds that rumors that they are selling the business are "absolutely not true."

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