In Binghamton at the Broome County Office Building, the County Legislature held its Inauguration Ceremony. 

All 15 members of the legislature were officially sworn in.

The Honorable Ferris D. Lebous of the new York State Supreme Court Administered the Oath. 

Among the returning legislators was Cindy O’Brien and Mary Kaminsky.

Both have served three years as legislators and for the first time O’Brien will be serving as the majority leader and Kaminsky as the minority leader.

This marks the first time that majority leader and minority leader of the Broome County Legislature were both women.

The two say its very important that women are properly represented in government and despite political differences everyone needs to work together to get results. 

Mary Kaminsky Minority Leader says “I think it’s hugely important and I think we bring a lot to the table and we need a seat at that table. I also think we have a skill-set that we bring as women.”

Cindy O’Brien Majority Leader says “We all have to come to the table we do. Everyone has an idea, you have to listen to those ideas and brainstorm to come up with the correct one for Broome County.”

Newly elected Legislators include Matthew Hilderbrant from District 9, Suzy Ryan of District 11 and Richard Balles in District 12.

The Legislature will met later to elect a chairman and adopt rules of order.