Brindisi highlights his plan to improve school bus safety

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In the wake of a near tragic incident, Congressman Brindisi is highlighting a plan to improve school bus safety. 

Brindisi joined education advocates and transportation officials to talk about a bill he is co-sponsoring titled the Stop for School Buses Act.

The bill would direct a nationwide review of efforts to prevent the illegal passing of buses and look to implement the most effective practices being used across the country.

Brindisi says the close call in Norwich where bus driver Samantha Call saved a student from being hit by an illegally passing car is a perfect example of the need for change. 

Brindisi says “I was saddened to see because a lot of these times you think of these passing happening on the left side of the bus. This happened on the right side of the bus on the shoulder of all places. Which is I think our bus drivers would tell you, even more dangerous”

According to the National School Transportation Association, an average of 9 to 15 children are killed each year while boarding or exiting buses near traffic.

A total of 15 million illegal passing incidents occur every school year. 


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