ENDICOTT, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – An exhibit taking place in Endicott this evening celebrates the artistry of the local African-American community.

The Black Legacy Art Exhibit was scheduled from 4 to 7 today at The Outlet on Monroe Street.

Curator Monique Munoz and 5 other women of color are displaying a variety of visual arts and crafts including acrylic and water color paintings, resin pours, crochet, handmade candles and woodworking.

Munoz says Black creativity has had a large and under-appreciated influence on society.

“Black culture has inspired everything around us. It’s not focused on enough that we’ve literally inspired everything. We inspired music, we inspired style, fashion, everything. And that’s all art. That’s a huge part of our legacy.”

Munoz says it’s important to create safe places for people of color to display their artwork.

The Facebook page Support Black Business 607 helped to promote the event.