BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Binghamton University has awarded $24,000 in grants to support collaborations between local nonprofit organizations and university partners. The grants were awarded from the Stephen David Ross University and Community Projects Fund which is administered through the university’s Center for Civic Engagement.

According to the university, Ross is a distinguished professor emeritus at Binghamton and he established the fund to advance partnerships between the university and the community.

Three local projects received grants:

  • Kali’s Klubhouse and the Division of Speech and Language Pathology received $5,000 for a therapeutic horse riding program that supports children and families in developing speech, language and social communication skills.
  • Helping Celebrate Abilities, Whitney Point School District and the Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership received $7,250 for a program to make free early coding materials available to teachers, children and families.
  • The American Civic Association and the Human Rights Institute received $11,750 for an internship program for Binghamton University students to learn about the immigration system and provide direct legal services to immigrants

Ross fund grants are awarded to organizations who are making a significant positive difference in the quality of life of the community.