Binghamton Police train on new immersive simulator


Binghamton Police can brush up on their skills with a new training simulator.

BPD unveiled its new Vir-Tra V-180 simulator this morning.

The 3-screen, 180-degree immersive training simulator includes over 70 scenarios where officers respond to calls ranging from noise complaints to active shooter situations.

Lasers are embedded on actual BPD guns to create an accurate experience.

Officers can then re-watch the footage for feedback.

When shots or tasers are fired, it also provides the location where the person was shot.

In return, when a training officer is shot, a vibration is felt on their police utlity belt.

Training Officer Bob Charpinsky says every situation can end differently.

“Each scenario is designed to have multiple outcomes. We can run 10 people through the exact same scenario and then have them go through again with different outcomes. The operator of the scenario can choose different reactions by the people on the screen with the officer’s commands,” he said.

The simulator costs over $155,000 and is funded through two grants.

Binghamton has received inquiries from other local departments to try it out.

NewsChannel 34’s Mike Tanzini went through the simulator.

You can see how he did as he captured the entire session below.

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