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Binghamton Philharmonic Orchestra announces new music director

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - The Binghamton Philharmonic Orchestra has chosen a familiar face to be its new music director and conductor.

BPO announced Wednesday that it has selected Daniel Hege to be the orchestra's musical leader.

Hege has already been serving as the Philharmonic's Principal Guest Conductor for the past two seasons.

Hege says the organization's musicians, staff, and board of directors are all first-rate.

And he loves that BPO is not enslaved by tradition and is willing to try new things.

That includes a plan to introduce interactive tablets that audience members can hold that will give them additional information while the concert is going on.

"It's better to be innovative and look at how the times are changing and look at how people are taking in information and try to move with that, try to adapt to that.  That's how most businesses that succeed operate," said Hege.

Hege, who was previously the Music Director for the Syracuse Symphony, will continue to live in Syracuse and will continue to also serve as the Music Director of the Wichita Symphony.

The Philharmonic also announced aspects of its concert lineup for next season, which will include a Beatles-themed "Classical Mystery Tour," a program called "Video Games Live," the return of Cirque Musica's holiday show and the orchestra playing live accompaniment to the Alfred Hitchcock classic film "Psycho."

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