BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – All aboard, the Binghamton Central School District City bus tour.

New Binghamton City School District faculty and staff climbed aboard a BC Transit bus this afternoon and received an educational tour of Binghamton.

The bus visited each of the district’s 10 schools, and a tour guide informed the new staff about Binghamton’s landmarks, events and attractions.

Binghamton City School District has turned this tour into an annual tradition.

Jessica Rosario is a brand new, long-term, special education substitute for Binghamton from the Bronx, and she said, at the moment, she only knows how to to drive to the Walmart in Vestal.

“I remember when I was a kid I would get those butterflies about the first day of school, so I feel just like the children do. Like the butterflies, I’m excited, I’m scared, I’m nervous, I don’t know what to expect, so just like the kids, that’s exactly how I feel,” said Rosario.

Rosario is hoping her students will be able to continue her education of the Binghamton area, just as she will be forwarding their academics.

This year, the Binghamton City School district has hired 54 new staff and faculty.

Not everyone joined the hour long bus tour around the city, as a majority of the new hires are locals from this area.