Binghamton was a primary destination for a French family that is crossing North America in an RV.

The Binghamton La Teste Sister City program held a welcome dinner for the Lacroix family Thursday night on Binghamton’s Westside.

Father Laurent, mother Adeline, and children Flora, Mathieu and Ysee arrived in the states in early May and have already visited Washington, DC, New York City, Cape Cod and Montreal.

While they have not previously participated in the exchange program, they were aware of Binghamton because of a sign promoting the city outside the children’s school.

“As we planned to visit New York and Niagara Falls, we saw that Binghamton is in the middle of this trip.  So, we said, ‘OK, we will stay a few days in Binghamton.'” said Laurent Lacroix.

The family of 5 spent part of yesterday at the Discovery Center and were particularly impressed with the Story Garden.

This morning, they hit the road for Niagara Falls after which they’ll head further west to Yellowstone Park, Vancouver, Canada and then south into Mexico and possibly South America.

There trip is scheduled to last a year and a half.

They actually chose to ship their RV across the Atlantic because they say the European model gets such better gas mileage that it more than offsets the shipping costs.