Bill requires private schools to report sexual abuse

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A bill is waiting to be signed on Governor Cuomo’s desk that would close a loophole when it comes to reporting sexual abuse cases in schools. 

NewsChannel 34’s Morgan McKay explains what it is and who it would protect. 

Morgan: Right now, private schools are not required to report instances of sexual abuse by a teacher or anyone else at the school to police. A measure that would fix this loophole, passed in both the Senate and the Assembly and is currently on the Governor’s desk awaiting his approval.

Dennis: It’s a no brainer really, it’s a critical tool for protecting children.

The Catholic Conference is one of many religious organizations solidly behind the passing of this bill. 

In 2000, the state passed a measure that required all public schools to report any sexual abuse to police, and many just assumed that private schools were operating under the same principal. 

But when stories came out in recent years of sexual abuse being handled internally at schools, like at Emma Willard, legislators started to push again to close this loophole. 

Dennis: The coverup makes it that much worse, because many more children get hurt and then it just compounds itself so we think that by closing this loophole it’s going to really ensure chat children are protected.

Morgan: A spokesperson for the Governor says that the bill is still currently under review. Reporting from the Capitol I’m Morgan McKay.

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