WINDSOR, NY – A local elementary school continues its annual campaign to raise funds and awareness to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Bell Elementary School in Windsor held an assembly this past Friday to cap off the three-week long, “Bell Beats Cancer Campaign.”

The tradition is inspired by a former Bell student who suffered from childhood leukemia.

Bell Beats Cancer has been running for over fourteen years now.

Over that time, the school has raised roughly twenty-four thousand dollars. This year, Bell crushed its financial goal of one-thousand dollars and raised over twenty-seven hundred dollars.

Fifth Grader Keagan Connors says, “If you raise as much money as we just did, you can help us, not only support kids with cancer, but also help other kids in school that donated have a good time.”

Throughout the three week fundraising phase, students could enter a variety of events and games by contributing even a nickel or penny.

At the final assembly, because the students raised more than their goal, members of the student council were pied in the face, sprayed with silly string, and soaked with a glitter bomb.

As one student said, the fundraising ends up being well worth it to see your peers get that messy.