Battisti accuses opponent Korchak of filing a false indictment

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Just weeks before the Republican primary, District Attorney candidate Paul Battisti is accusing his opponent Mike Korchak of filing a false indictment. 

Battisti shared documents that showed paperwork dated May 23rd and signed by an Assistant District Attorney that dismissed a felony complaint against one of Battisti’s clients due to lack of evidence.

On the same date in a separate document signed by Korchak and a foreperson shows the same client being handed down an indictment by a grand jury.

A third document dated May 30th from the District Attorney’s Office noted a formal motion to dismiss the indictment since it was never presented to a grand jury.

Battisti says there is no excuse for this kind of mistake. 

“It’s incidents like this that justify and refortify why I’m doing what I’m doing. It’s incompetence. Just because you’ve done your job every single day does not mean you’re good at it. We got great problems in Broome County and this is just another example of a lack of experience and incompetence and you can’t have that leading Broome County.”

Korchak says this was nothing more than a clerical error that led to a document being inadvertently filed with the court and was corrected as soon as it was discovered. 

He says the claim that he falsified an indictment is outrageous considering Battisti’s client wasn’t charged or arrested. 

 “This is an unfortunate thing that has come up over the course of the campaign. The public is given half of the information, portions of the information or inaccurate information and asked to take it as truth. Where once you hear the whole story it’s kind of like a jury trial which Mr. Battisti has done very few of. That once the jury gets the whole story from both sides they know what the true picture of what happened is.”

Korchak says the district attorney’s office handles over 1,500 felony cases a year which can lead to clerical issues like this occurring on occasion. 


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