A Utica-area businessman plans to create his own ballot line in an attempt to win the 22nd Congressional District seat.

Martin Babinec of Little Falls, New York is a former Silicon Valley entrepreneur who returned to this area several years ago.

After failing to secure the Independence Party ballot line, he decided to create the Upstate Jobs Party.

He has from June 21st to August 3rd to collect 3,500 petition signatures from registered voters in the district who haven’t signed for someone else.

Babinec says voters don’t care whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or other.

“What matters are the candidates positions on issues of importance to the voters. I believe in this district, and especially here in Binghamton, what voters care about more than anything else, is how can we change this environment,” said Babinec.

Babinec says jobs outweigh all other issues facing the district.

Current Congressman Republican Richard Hanna is not running for re-election.