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Assemblywoman Lupardo and Senator Akshar speak out against NYC's SOTA program

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - State leaders from our area are speaking out against the revelation that homeless people from New York City are being exported to Broome County.

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo and State Senator Fred Akshar have both released statements condemning the SOTA, or Special One Time Assistance program that's being operated out of New York City.

The initiative provides one year of rent in exchange to moving to Broome County.

The county's Department of Social Services has discovered that five homeless families, all with children, have had their rent paid for as a result of the program.

Lupardo says the initiative is a disservice to families and an "out of sight, out of mind approach is no substitute for a comprehensive strategy to address the City's shortage of affordable housing."

Akshar calls the initiative shameful and appalling.

He's also written a letter to State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to investigate the legality of the program.

If the program does not end, County officials say they may seek either a civil injunction or a criminal investigation.

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