April the giraffe is pregnant again; PETA issues statement about the pregnancy

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Fire up the giraffe cam, the world’s most famous giraffe is pregnant again.

Animal Adventure owner Jordan Patch appeared on the Today Show Wednesday morning to announce that April the giraffe is once again expecting.

Last year, a webcam documenting April’s last pregnancy captivated followers around the world culminating in the live birth of a male calf named in Tajiri last April.

The international attention paid to the giraffe family lead to a huge spike in attendance at the park, with roughly 200,000 visitors from across the world providing a tourism boost to the local economy.

Last year, Patch had indicated that April and her partner Oliver were prepared to breed again.

A giraffe’s gestation period is around 15 months so April is not expected to give birth until next March.

By that point, Tajiri is expected to have already moved on to another animal park.

Meanwhile, the webcam is still up and running.

You can find a link at AprilTheGiraffe.com.

PETA, a frequent critic of Animal Adventure, is again criticizing the publicity surrounding April’s pregnancy.

It released a statement to the media today that reads in part, “Wild animals want freedom, not stardom . . .PETA urges everyone who cares about wildlife to ignore this roadside zoo’s latest bid for attention.”

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