JOHNSON CITY, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The man dubbed Binghamton’s most notorious slumlord is now facing additional charges in neighboring Johnson City.

Isaac Anzaroot was arrested by JC Police on Monday following his trial in Binghamton Housing Court.

Police say Anzaroot had a bench warrant for failing to appear in JC court to answer code charges associated with properties he owns in the village.

JC officials, including Mayor Marty Meaney, sat in on Anzaroot’s trial while officers waited in the hallway to arrest him and take him to central booking.

Last July, Binghamton Police arrested Anzaroot for failing to show up at court hearings in the city.

Anzaroot’s attorney, Ron Benjamin, has argued in court that the developer is the victim of selective enforcement and a conspiracy to ruin him financially and run him out of town.