An Apollo engineer visits Binghamton this week

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One of the men behind the first moon landing is visiting Binghamton this week.     

Former NASA Chief of Space Flight Training Frank Hughes will be hosting a lecture at Tech Works. 

Hughes started at NASA in 1966, the same day Link Training Simulators arrived in Houston from Binghamton.

He served as an instructor, training astronauts on how to guide and control the space crafts.

Hughes was in the control room for many of the Apollo Missions including Apollo 11 when astronauts first landed on the moon.

He says they all knew at the moment how historically significant that day would be. 

Hughes says, “Well first of all it was business. You always see this movie where somebody does something and everybody cheers and claps like the landing. The guy sitting beside me  I reached over, we shook hands and went back to work. Because plus one minute there was a way to take off and get back if anything looked wrong. The big celebration came when you landed when you finally getting back home. That’s the day we celebrated.”

Hughes worked at NASA until 1999 and now serves as the President for Tietronix a software and technology company. 

He will be hosting a teacher training session tomorrow followed by a lecture on the Apollo 10 mission on Wednesday which served as the rehearsal for Apollo 11. 

The teacher training is free and tickets to the Apollo 10 lecture are $10 for adults and $5 for students. 

To pre-register for either event email info at


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