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American Civic Association Hosts All Nations Celebration

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - People from all backgrounds will come together this weekend to celebrate their heritage.

The American Civic Association is hosting its second annual All Nations Celebration.

Executive Director Mayra Garcia says the event was created to display the rich diversity of the area.

The event kicks off with a parade at Binghamton City Hall that leads to the the Civic Association.

The celebration will feature representatives from a wide array of nationalities along with a variety of food and entertainment.

Garcia says this is an event that suits everyone.

"I would love to have everyone in the community to come out. The biggest part of this event is to celebrate our heritage. Maybe you say I'm not an immigrant but if you go back and look back at the history to who your grandparents and great grandparents were soon or later people come back and say that they should be a part of this event," Garcia says.

The parade will commence at 10:30 tomorrow outside city hall.

The rest of the celebration will run from 11 to 4 at the American Civic Association. 

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