Albany passes gun control legislation

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The state legislature in Albany passed a series of gun control measures.

Governor Cuomo, who supports the legislation, spoke with gun control advocates earlier in the day.

The bills would increase the length of time a gun purchaser may be required to wait for the results of a background check from 3 days to 30.

Another would ban school districts from arming their teachers.

And the so-called Red Flag Bill would allow relatives, police officers and school administrators to petition a court to show that a person they know should have their guns taken away.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says, “You see so many of these teachers who are interviewed after tragic incidents say, ‘We knew there was a problem, we knew something was wrong.  \But, what could we do?’  Family members who say, ‘I knew there was something wrong but what could we do?’  \Well, there should be something to do.”

The legislation also banned the possession of bump stocks which can turn a semi-automatic rifle into a machine gun.

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