Broome County’s historic domed courthouse was filled with flag-waving, picture-taking, patriotic tune-singing new citizens on Friday.

The American Civic Association held a naturalization ceremony during which 56 people from 35 countries became official Americans.

Broome County Judge Joe Cawley welcomed them and Broome County Clerk Joe Mihalko led them in their oath.

The League of Women Voters offered to register them to vote and the Daughters of the American Revolution handed out publications explaining the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

Mamady Kourouma of Oneonta was born in Guinea in Africa and is the last member of his family to gain citizenship.

“A lot of opportunity being a citizen.  You get to vote.  You get to announce yourself as an American.  It’s good to be a part of the team.  Full part of the team, the full squad,” said Kourouma.

Kourouma even got a selfie of himself with Judge Cawley when going up to receive his certificate.

The Southerntiersmen wowed the crowd with their performances of the national anthem and “God Bless America.”

New citizens also hailed from Iraq, China, Syria, Canada, Armenia and many other countries.

Unfortunately for President Trump, no one from Norway but there was one from Finland.