DICKINSON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The return of Spiedie Fest over the weekend turned out large crowds who braved the heat to enjoy spiedies, live music and family entertainment.

The high temperatures and Friday evening’s down pour kept attendance from breaking any records, however there were still plenty of spectators for the concerts and the balloon glows.

Also drawing an enthusiastic crowd were wrestling matches put on by Xcite Wrestling.

NewsChannel 34’s tent was also popular as we partnered with the Broome County Dog Shelter, SPEAK, and the BC Humane Society for a Clear the Shelters event.

Thanks to our efforts, 11 fewer dogs are now without homes.

The Dog Shelter’s Sapphire, Meadow, Stanley, Mouse, Mischief, Jack, Jill, and Eclipse have all been adopted.
3 appointments to meet with dogs at the shelter have also been made.