Local man set Guinness World Record


 A former champion powerlifter is now has a Guinness World Record.

Bill Clark broke the world record by tearing in half 23 license plates in one minute.

The previous record was 20.

Clark, who is an adjunct lecturer in Binghamton University’s Health and Wellness Department, already had a successful career in weight lifting.

The former world champion powerlifter once benched over 500 pounds and deadlifted 700 and he’s held over 150 state and national lifting records.

After he retired from lifting, his coaches encouraged him to take on some Guinness records.

Much like his former sport, Clark says it all comes down to achieving optimal technical execution.

“If I would hold it straight with this hand and angle this hand, and that allowed, however, it worked, I’m not quite sure of the physics, but it allowed the plate to tear more than bend.  But, if I grabbed it the wrong way, and you can see it on that Guinness Book of World Records video, it bends.”

Clark says he practiced with his son who handed him the plates.

The record-breaking tear took place last August in the office of Broome County Clerk Joe Mihalko who provided the decommissioned license plates.

Clark, who also holds a record for tearing playing cards, says he’s next planning to try to break the one for bending railroad spikes.

He’d also like to see if he can beat his license plate record.

Clark says he wouldn’t have been successful without the help of his coaches and team.

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