BINGHAMTON, NY – A farming accident that occurred back in March of this year, while extremely tragic, has brought a lot of good to New York State.

On March 13th, Travis Flanagan was on a farm in Greene alone when his overalls got stuck in a corn picker.
He was airlifted to Syracuse in an air ambulance that is based in Pennsylvania.

He lost both his legs and could have lost his life if it wasn’t for the PA helicopter and the quick actions of first responders.

That helicopter made all the difference because at the time helicopters in New York were unable to carry blood.

New York State was the only state in the nation whose regulations prohibited medical helicopters from carrying these life saving products.

“The fact that it was co-sponsored by Republicans and Democrats, it passed unamously in both houses, we ultimately just righted a wrong that had been wrong for far too long,” says Senator Fred Akshar.

Senator Fred Akshar, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, Assemblyman Joe Angelino, Travis and members of his family came together today to celebrate Governor Hochul signing it into law.

Angelino mentioned that due to this serious accident, many of us learned New York had not yet legalized medevac helicopters to carry blood.

Travis said that he is far from an inspiration, all he did was share his story.

“I’m just glad that this is one positive thing that is going to come out of my accident. That lives are going to be saved by this and that is just a matter of time because I’ve heard even since my story that there has been instances where blood was needed with a New York State Helicopter and that was not able to happen,” he said.

Local leaders were able to get this bill signed in under a year, which Akshar said proves just how important this was.

Lupardo gave Travis documents of the Assembly and State bills as well so he can hold on to it.

Even though Travis doesn’t think of himself as an inspiration, Akshar, Lupardo, and Angelino stated otherwise.