UPDATE: Local law firm to still provide free rides on New Year’s Eve despite surge pricing; how to get a ride


A local attorney is evolving with the times as he continues to offer revelers a safe ride home after they’ve rung in the New Year.

Schimmerling Injury Law Offices is providing its “Safe Night” program of free rides on New Year’s Eve.

He originally set a maximum payment of $15 per ride, but when informed that surge pricing often pushes the cost higher during busy times like New Year’s Eve, Schimmerling said he would still cover the rides.

In order to access the free ride, you must install the Lyft app on your smart phone.

Then, when ordering the service, enter the term “Safe Night 2020” so that the ride is billed to Schimmerling.

Everyone is eligible for one ride to their home as long as it is within Broome County.

In its 23rd year, Schimmerling is using the ride sharing app Lyft to provide the rides for the first time as its former partner Yellow Cab went out of business in the last year.

Attorney Tom Schimmerling says he knows the damage a drunk driving crash can do.

“In my work, I see a lot of people who have been injured by drunk drivers, killed by drunk drivers, their grieving families and I wanted to do something to give back to the community at least one night a year. And New Year’s Eve is a very dangerous night to be out on the roads” says Schimmerling.

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