Local gyms are finding ways to keep people active


BINGHAMTON, NY – With many people now confined to their homes, a workout session at the gym is no longer possible.

However, as NewsChannel 34’s Cam Lavallee shows us, thanks to some local fitness centers, there are now virtual options.

In difficult times, people often need a sense of normalcy, and an outlet in which they can feel like themselves.

For many, a workout routine is a perfect answer.

However, as of last week, gyms all across the country were forced to close their doors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, a couple local fitness centers are providing people with an opportunity to get their workouts in right from home.

Both GSR Fit and Synergy Athletics have been uploading hour-long workouts on a daily basis.

GSR owner Greg Rollo says it’s a way to help everyone, fitness junkies to average joe’s, stay physically and mentally fit.

“For us, it’s really a matter of keeping people healthy, keeping people moving outside of the gym, because it is very therapeutic. It’s going to keep people happy to at least feel like their whole life hasn’t stopped,” says Rollo.

Rollo has been posting videos from inside the GSR Fit site on Riverside Drive in Johnson City.

Meanwhile, Synergy president Joe Hashey and his staff have begun shooting their workouts from their respective homes rather than one of their three locations.

“It’s been a good transition because our staff has been very creative. So, we know this isn’t an exercise issue. We want to give people their exercise. But, it’s more of a community-building effort to keep people involved and engaged,” says Hashey.

Both businesses have posted videos with workouts that include body-weight exercises as well as weighted routines and cardio.

For both Rollo and Hashey, the reactions have made it all worthwhile.

“I’m getting text messages, emails, and some phone calls, and a lot of Facebook messages thanking us for producing these videos, because so many people don’t know what to do. Or, just need that sense that there are other people doing the workout right alongside me,” says Rollo.

“One of the bright spots in a tough situation is the way the community has come together in just such positive ways. They talk about each other, their exercises, and they’ve helped each other out with different variations, different exercise equipment. The way they’ve bonded together has been very cool,” says Hashey.

All the workouts provided by both GSR Fit and Synergy Athletics can be found on their respective Facebook pages.

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