Local filmmaker celebrates acceptance into one of the country’s top film festivals


BINGHAMTON, NY – A local filmmaker is celebrating his acceptance into one of the country’s top film festivals.

Writer and Director Nick Venuti graduated from the New York Film Academy last year.

And now, the nationally recognized festival Dancing With Films L-A will air Venuti’s 16 minute short called Buffalo Scientists on its opening night.

The film is based on a ex-teacher working as a convenience store clerk, who is robbed at gunpoint by 2 of his former students

The reunited trio spend the night getting into some bizarre circumstances.

“It’s kind of based off some of my friend’s personalities, and I imagine, ‘What would it be like if they robbed a store?’ So it just kind of kept going from there, what would it look like if they robbed a store, what if this teacher was there in the store and how would that reaction play out?” says Venuti.

The comedy was shot in Los Angeles last year and features a handful of credited actors and a production team of international members, including Finnish cinematographer Anselm Havu .

Venuti says one of the biggest joys was seeing everything come together after about a year of writing and pre-production.

“Seeing the characters in costume and saying the lines I wrote, Anselm there shooting it, you know seeing it come to life is the most exciting part. And then just showing it to people, being in the theater at the first premiere, at the first crew screening and just seeing everyone’s faces light up,” says Venuti.

The festival runs from August 27th to September 6th and costs $11 to view.

Venuti is also working to release the film to the public in 2021 on Amazon.

You can view the trailer, and see more about his 20 short films and commercials, two documentaries and full length feature film at NickVenutiMovies.com.

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