BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – An independent film shot in Greater Binghamton is now able to reach a much wider audience.

The feature-length, film noir thriller Dark Web is now available on the streaming platform Flux Fusion.

Viewers can screen the black-and-white whodunit for the pay per view price of $7.99.

Dark Web was released in 2020 following two years of filming in and around Binghamton using an all local cast.

It’s the second in a trilogy of films following the exploits of private eye Stuart Tyrell, who is portrayed by Christopher Keeler who is also the writer, director and producer of the films.

In Dark Web, Tyrell investigates a case of black mail that also involves counterfeiting.

Actor and Producer Robin Alpaugh says he was connected to Flux Fusion through a production company he worked with in Syracuse.

Alpaugh says, “They take care of all of the closed captioning. They’ll take care of helping you with a poster, we had that. And getting it online and getting people to watch it and helping you to promote that.”

Christopher Keeler says, “People still, after all these decades, are still enthralled by the simple whodunit crime story. That’s kind of what we do.”

Dark Web, which was produced for less than 10 thousand dollars, won the award for Best Narrative Feature at the Indie Dance Film Festival in Los Angeles, as well as accolades at other festivals.

Keeler says shooting for the third film, “The Exporters,” is expected to begin this Summer.

To purchase a viewing of Dark Web, go to