JOHNSON CITY, NY – The leader of a Ukrainian orphanage says donors from our area have saved lives in that war-torn country.

Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church in Johnson City has been collecting supplies and monetary donations for the orphanage in the Western Ukrainian city of Lviv since Russia’s full-scale invasion in February.

According to Father Ted Czabala the church has collected and shipped more than 46 thousand pounds of supplies including medical kits, clothing and non-perishable food.

Plus, almost 10 thousand dollars.

Father Roman Procopecj who runs the orphanage says the financial donations at the start of the war were critical, allowing the organization to purchase badly needed food and fuel.

spoke took NewsChannel 34 over Zoom today with Czabala interpreting.

says he wants Americans to spread the truth about the atrocities occurring at the hands of the Russians.

“We need to fight evil. We need to fight evil and continue to save the lives of children, of adults and of those who are still right now even fighting in Ukraine,” he says.

Procopecj says its very meaningful to the Ukrainians to know that people in other countries care.

His orphanage has taken on housing refugees from within Ukraine and has sent many of the medical supplies to the frontlines in the east.

He says the orphanage is still in need of children’s clothing and underwear as well as non-perishable food.

Sacred Heart continues to collect donations, as it has done since Russia first invaded back in 2014.

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