LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- Saturday’s plane crash brought about many emotions.

Unfortunately, con-artists take advantage of tragic incidents like this one by creating fake donation web sites.

Sharane Gott, with the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana, said, “Such a horrible event. Everybody’s heart is just full of emotion and scammers take advantage of that.”

And they’ve already begun.

The website looks legitimate. But, a con-artist used the name and picture of crash survivor Wade Berzas to create a fake page with a $5,000 goal, it says will go to medical expenses.

“If it’s on a GoFundMe site, eventually you will be able to know, but there’s no magic wand,” explained Gott. “Now, if it’s not on GoFundMe, which is an accredited business that you can trust, then I would say be very cautious.”

Berzas’ family has said they did not authorize the site, nor do they know where it came from.

Meanwhile, there is a legitimate GoFundMe page set up for the ground survivor from the plane crash, Danielle Truxillo Britt. As of this afternoon, it has received almost $30,000, more than its $2,000 goal.

Gott said, “Most people respect GoFundMe, so what happens is crooks use part of that to get that legitimacy. To get that credibility, and then we don’t read the whole thing or we don’t mouse over to see what the exact website is and so we don’t really know.

As of this evening, the web site asking for donations on for Wade Berzas has shut down.