For First Friday, local band Voodoo Highway and Company are marking the 40th anniversary of a celebrated Grateful Dead concert at the Arena by playing the show’s entire set list.

A recording of the original 1977 show is among the most popular concerts with Dead Heads.

Voodoo Highway, including Dana Stewart and Bob Rynone, is being joined in the performance by keyboardist Curtis Kendrick and bassist Rob Wenig who both happened to be in the audience for the ’77 concert.

“I was in college at the time and drove all the way here from Providence, Rhode Island with some friends to attend the show. I saw quite a few Dead shows in my time, and this was my favorite of all time,” said Kendrick.

Wenig said, “It was an intensity from note one to the last note played of Johnny B. Goode, where there’s this sustained excellence from the band and from Garcia in particular that really sets this show apart.”

Wenig is a professional musician who has played with JGB, the successor to the Jerry Garcia Band.

Friday evening’s performance starts at 6 p.m. inside the University Downtown Center on Washington Street.

The group will reprise its show Saturday night at the Cyber Cafe starting at 9 p.m.