BINGHAMTON, NY – Local artists AmarA and *jk have emerged from the pandemic eager to share a vision of what life for an artist in quarantine is like, and it’s a bit messy.

The Town of Triangle artistic couple are opening a new exhibition at the Bundy Museum in Binghamton called Art Imitates Art Imitates Life: Rubbish.

The installation combines paintings by AmarA arranged with toilet paper, empty water bottles and other trash.

AmarA says the work represents both the chaos that the pandemic has wreaked on artists’ livelihoods as well as the way in which many artists come to live among their artwork.

“We had some definite ideas and we collected some things together. And then for the last couple of weeks, we just kept all of our trash that wasn’t gross. And the Bundy gave us some and Tri-Cities Opera gave us some. It’s everybody’s trash,” she says.

AmarA has a second exhibit on the second floor of the Bundy titled Visual Smut.

It’s a collection of erotic art that I could not use images of.

It’s for mature audiences only.

For First Friday tomorrow, AmarA will be doing some live painting and the entire event will be live streamed.

To watch, go to http://Twitch.TV/AmarAstarJK.