AmarA can add novelist to her list of accomplishments.

The Whitney Point artist has written Awake: A Vampire Tale.

The story follows the plight of a Seattle woman who wakes up a vampire with no recollection of how she became one.

AmarA has launched both an online and in person book tour to promote the novel.

She’ll be signing copies and reading passages at the Bundy Museum this Friday for the art walk event from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

AmarA says she’s always loved vampire stories.

“I remember reading my first Anne Rice novel and just being fascinated by the power and the limitations.  The idea of being immortal but having this thing inside you that has to be fed,” she said.

Also, in the sewing room at the Bundy, AmarA is displaying a new exhibit she’s calling Digital Revolution in Oil.

It’s a collection of landscapes and a still life painted onto old dysfunctional technology.

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