BINGHAMTON, NY – Local progressive activists participated in a statewide series of rallies in the hopes of bolstering the chances of federal voting rights legislation.

Demonstrations were held outside the regional offices of U-S Senator Chuck Schumer including his office within the Federal Building on Henry Street in Binghamton.

Members of Indivisible Binghamton want Schumer to use all the tools at his disposal as the Senate Majority Leader to push through what’s called the For The People Act.

The legislation, which has already passed the House of Representatives, would nullify recent efforts by some Republican controlled state legislatures to add I-D requirements to voting as well as reduce the availability of early voting, absentee voting and same-day registration.

Indivisible Binghamton Co-Lead Lori Wahila says her group supports getting rid of the Senate filibuster rule if necessary so that the act can pass with 50 votes and the Vice President rather than the 60 the filibuster requires.

“It’s not right versus left. It’s not Democrat versus Republican. Truly what we’re talking about is the difference between democracy and our right to vote for representatives versus authoritarianism,” says Wahila.

Activists say the bill would also allow for more public financing of elections and limit the influence of wealthy donors and corporations in elections.

The handful of protestors was confronted by a counter demonstrator carrying a sign calling Schumer a liar and supporting Voter ID.