A Windsor man who is spear-heading an effort to have Upstate secede to Pennsylvania is running for the 22nd Congressional seat.

Aaron Price is running for the Republican nomination.

Price, who has worked with residents in Windsor to relocate the Southern Tier to PA, says his campaign isn’t about secession.

Although he feels strongly about the movement, he says he will put it on hold as he runs for office.

If elected, Price says he would like to use a national sales tax to pay off the national debt.

He also says he will do whatever is possible to bring fracking to New York.

Price says the time for change is right now.

“I’m going to Washington to know what is right, not what is easy. I’m going to Washington to do what is necessary. Nobody can afford to continue the present day policies that are in Washington,” said Price.

In 2010, Price released a documentary entitled “Gas Odyssey,” a pro-fracking profile about the Southern Tier’s potential for success in the gas industry.

Two other Republicans, George Phillips and Claudia Tenney, are also running for the position.