ALBANY, NY – Since the deadly Schoharie Limo crash in 2018, limousine safety has been under a microscope at both the state and federal level.

With prom season now approaching, NewsChannel 34’s Jamie DeLine shows us how the New York State Legislature is seeking additional reviews of the accident and the industry.

“We had a tragic accident where 20 lives were lost because there were a lot of missteps and mistakes by I think groups and individuals that allowed this limosuine get on the roadway. Three and a half years after the tragic crash in Schoharie, efforts to improve safety are still underway.”

The New York State Stretch Limousine Passenger Safety Task Force was created with the goal of making safety recommendations.

The report was supposed to be released last year, but now time is running out as the task force is set to expire in May.

Senator Jim Tedisco says legislation was passed by both the Senate and the Assembly to extend it.

“I sent a letter to the speaker saying send the bill to the governor so she can sign it, so this task force is extended through 2023, May of that year, and the report would now be due this October. The speaker has not sent that bill for signage to the governor yet. And we only have a couple weeks until we go into May and it will be abolished.”

The Governor’s office also says the legislation has yet to be sent, but tells me Governor Hochul will review the legislation.

I reached out to Speaker Carl Heastie’s office, but havent gotten a response.

Tedisco says another roadblock, the inspector general, has NOT finished her investigation into the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Transportation, which could play a role in the state’s limo task force report.

“We need that investigation. We need to give that to our task force which we appointed. If it’s abolished in May and the speaker doesn’t send it over to the governor, that bill to extend it, they will not be able to give us their report on their investigation.”

If the governor does not sign the legislation, The task force will expire on May 31st.

Reporting in Albany, I’m Jamie DeLine.