Libertarian Larry Sharpe visits Spiedie Fest


BINGHAMTON, NY – New York State Libertarian Larry Sharpe visited Spiedie Fest over the weekend to promote his third party views.

Sharpe joined State Senate candidate Tom Quiter for some old fashioned retail politics.

He received nearly 100,000 votes in his gubernatorial bid in 2018 and says he’s considering another run next year.

Sharpe says voters are becoming more disillusioned with the two major parties and there inability to work together to solve problems.

However, he doesn’t think the recently scandals that forced Governor Cuomo from office necessarily help his cause.

“People don’t change because things are bad, they leave. And you’ve seen that in New York State. They pack up and they leave. People vote differently when there’s hope or a chance of something different. That’s what they want to see. When they see that, they believe it. The problem when I ran the first time, they didn’t believe it. But, if I run again, they’re going to believe it,” says Sharpe.

Sharpe’s showing in 2018 should have provided Libertarians with automatic ballot access for the following election cycle under the old rules.

However, the Cuomo administration pushed through rules changes that took that access away.

Sharpe says that while his showing surprised political pundits, his enthusiastic base of supporters expect nothing less than victory.

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