BINGHAMTON, NY – The legacy of one of Binghamton’s most famous citizens continues.

A talk on the life and times of Rod Serling will be presented on behalf of the Broome County Historical society on Wednesday.

The talk will be given by Serling lecturer Larry Kassan and focus on Serling’s early years, “The Twilight Zone” and the Golden age of television.

Kassan says that Serling was a pioneer of television in the early days, acting as one of the first writers to also be a producer.

Kassan adds that Binghamton should take advantage of our unique connection to a man and television series that have been adored for generations.

“He was able to use the Twilight Zone to talk about such sensitive issues, some people refer to them as mini morality plays. And, he dealt with so many different issues that I think it’s important for us to celebrate that connection with him,” says Kassan.

The talk takes place virtually on Wednesday and starts at 6:45.

The event is free, and you can find a link at or on the Broome History Facebook page.

There will also be a Q and A portion.