Lawmakers plan to prevent Government shutdown by passing short extension


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Government funding expires on December 11th, but lawmakers plan to prevent a shutdown by passing a short extension until December 18th.

As NewsChannel 34’s Morgan Wright shows us, lawmakers hope that gives them the time they need to reach a larger deal with emergency COVID19 relief attached.

The federal government is about to run out of money…again.

{Senator Chris Van Hollen, D/MD} “Funding for the federal government expiries on December 11th.”

But Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen says lawmakers have no intention of allowing another government shutdown.

However, the House and Senate will hold off on a full-year funding bill for another week.

{Senator Chris Van Hollen, D/MD} “Because we’re likely to add to that any agreement we’re able to reach on emergency coronavirus relief.”

Lawmakers from both Parties in both the House and the Senate, want to bundle the next COVID relief bill into the federal funding plan to grease its way through Congress and ensure it gets the President’s signature.

{Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell, R/KY} “My view, and I think it’s a view shared by literally everybody on both sides of the aisle. We can’t leave without doing a COVID bill.”

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell says the House and Senate are working on a one-week stop-gap funding bill while negotiations continue with Democrats on COVID relief.

{Senator Chris Van Hollen, D/MD} “We’re working now on the details my best guess is we’re talking about sometime next week that that will come to a conclusion.”

New York Congressman Tom Reed says while it’s not an ideal situation.

{Congressman Tom Reed, R/NY} “Whatever helps American people and the businesses that are suffering here today. If it has to ride along with another bill I’m open to it but obviously we want to keep it as separate as possible.”

The temporary spending bill should clear Congress before Friday’s deadline.

Reporting in Washington, I’m Morgan Wright.

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