Lawmakers have yet to compromise on another COVID-19 relief package


ALBANY, NY – President-elect Joe Biden held a virtual roundtable today, with frontline health care workers battling the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As NewsChannel 34’s Morgan Wright reports, the roundtable comes as lawmakers still have yet to compromise on another COVID relief package.

{President-elect Joe Biden} There’s a whole lot of things we just don’t have available to us and unless it’s made available soon we’re going to be behind.

As covid cases surge across the nation — President-elect Joe Biden told some of the nation’s frontline healthcare workers they will be his administration’s top priority.

{President-elect Joe Biden} It’s not enough to praise you, we have to protect you , we have to pay you

Biden charged – Republicans are delaying more relief to help those on the front lines.

{President-elect Joe Biden} The reason why my friends on the other side have not stepped up to do something is because of their fear of retribution from the president and hopefully when he’s gone they’ll be willing to do what they know should be done.

The virtual meeting comes as President Trump withholds cooperation toward a transition of power that could ensure a seamless response to the pandemic.

{Senate Democratic Leader, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D/NY} It’s outrageous that the Trump administration has refused to provide the president elect with high level intelligence briefings, or brief the transition on the vaccine distribution plan.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer says getting the virus under control is the only way to get our country back to normal.

{Senate Democratic Leader, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D/NY}The country wants us to come together and get something done.

Senate Democrats and Republicans are still deadlocked over how much relief is needed.

{Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell, R/KY} I’m open to a targeted bill, roughly of the amount that we recommended, a half a trillion dollars.

But Biden says he’s optimistic he can secure more relief.

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