Lawmakers call on Governor Cuomo to sign COVID-related measures


ALBANY, NY – Some progressive advocates and Democratic state lawmakers are calling on Governor Cuomo to sign off on COVID related measures that were passed over the summer.

NewsChannel 34’s Corina Cappabianca explains which bills have gone unsigned.

{Marvin Mayfield, NY Statewide Organizer, Center for Community Alternatives} “We are calling on Governor Cuomo to do one very simple thing. Sign these bills that passed the legislature months ago.”

One of the measures called the Contact Tracing Confidentiality Act, which unanimously passed the Senate aims to block law enforcement from obtaining contact tracing data to preserve privacy.

As some judicial proceedings have moved back to in-person proceedings from virtual, another measure called the Protect Our Courts Act would prevent ICE from making arrests at or by courthouses unless there’s a judicial warrant or order authorizing the arrest.

The third bill called the Driver’s License Suspension Reform Act would block license from becoming suspended because of unpaid traffic tickets.

Supporters say it’s especially critical during this economy and when it comes to drive-thru testing.

{Pam Hunter, Assemblymember} “Allow people to have a chance to live and thrive and succeed and in order for them to be able to do that let them have a payment plan in order to take care of their obligation for these fines and fees.”

The last measure called the Proximity Bill would allow incarcerated individuals to be moved to the closest state prison to where their children live.

{Whitney Hollins, Advocate} “As we mourn this time of togetherness, I just want us to think about the people who are forcibly separated every day, those people who are currently incarcerated and the people who love them.”

All four pieces of legislation have not yet been delivered to the Governor yet according to the State Senate’s website.

In Albany, Corina Cappabianca.

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