BINGHAMTON, N.Y. – (WIVT/WBGH) A traveling road show made a pit stop at the Broome County Sheriff’s office to show off the newest technology to keep communities safe.

The Axon U.S. Road show was setup outside of the Sheriff’s office yesterday, showing off products such as virtual reality training, body cameras, air drones, tasers, and more. This was just one of around 200 stops that the road show will make this season.

Representatives from surrounding law enforcement agencies are invited to check out the tech, see what it does, and learn how to use it.

The road show manager, Andy Meaney says that representatives from various departments will report back to their agencies and determine what products suit their needs the best.

“We offer this to any agency in America that our route, our tour is coming to. And last year, Broome County asked if they could host this. We’ve had agencies here from several counties over, just to be here today, that were invited by us and the agency, to be able to talk about each other are using, how they’re using it in their community and what products work best for them,” Meaney.

There was a mobile taser shooting range where people could practice aiming and firing the newest guns.

Meaney says that representatives from around 10 different agencies stopped down yesterday.