ALBANY, NY – With the budget due this week, New York State lawmakers are making their voices heard on what they believe should be included in the spending plan.

Bail reform has been a hot topic at the State Capitol. Despite some democrats not wanting to change bail reform…

“The fact of the matter is, bail reform, raise the age, and discovery reform are one of 3 of the most successful policies that this state, that this country has ever seen!” says Assemblywoman Latrice Walker.

The Governor has proposed a 10 point public safety plan she would like included in the budget which would make changes to bail reform by giving more discretion to judges. Some Republicans have called for bail reform to be repealed.

“3,460 offenders arrested and released committed violent felonies. That’s violent felonies while out pending trial. 3,460 violent crimes could have been prevented if judges had full discretion to set bail in appropriate cases,” says Senator Jordan Walker.

At this point it’s unclear what changes will be included in the budget when it comes to this issue.

Another popular topic— relief at the pump. Many lawmakers on both sides of the isle calling for the suspension of the state’s gas tax.

“gas prices have gone up, they have been up. People are looking for something that will impact them now. This is the measure that can do it,” says Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara.

The governor saying on Friday, the issue is being discussed in budget negotiations