BROOME COUNTY – A change in the length of coronavirus quarantine has lead to a major change in the numbers reported on Broome County’s COVID dashboard.

The number of active cases, which yesterday stood at nearly 4,000, has been replaced by the number of cases reported over the past 5 days, which today is 2,456.

The reduction is due to the fact that with the CDC and New York State Health Department shortening the quarantine period from 10 to 5 days, the number of people considered to still be actively infected has been effectively cut in half.

Plus, the Broome health department is using the term “reported” in recognition that there may be many more positives as a result of at-home COVID tests that are not being reported to the county.

Today’s number includes 551 newly-reported cases.

Hospitalizations have risen to 114.

And the number of deaths has increased by 1 to 473.