BINGHAMTON, NY – County Executive Jason Garnar and Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo met at a local tree farm this morning to share the importance of buying locally grown trees this holiday season.

Kodey’s Tree Farm in Endwell is officially open for the holiday season.

Owner of Kodey’s, Frank Duffek says there is a shortage of Christmas Trees in areas where fires and flooding are common, but there is still plenty in New York.

Duffek says if you’re inbetween an artificial or a real tree, a real tree is the way to go.

“Artificals they are chemically made, they do catch on fire, they do burn. A real tree has been tested in a fire and you can throw a real tree into a fire and they’ll actually take a torch and burn it and it takes quite a long time for it to start catching on fire and burning,” says Duffek.

The farm is open for families to visit and spend the day looking for the perfect tree to cut down together.

To tell if it’s a good tree, Duffek says all you have to do is grab the branches of a tree and pull on the needles and if they stay on, it’s a healthy tree.

He says they can last 30 plus days as long as you keep it watered.