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BINGHAMTON, NY – A group devoted to honoring the legacy of Binghamton’s Rod Serling is seeking the public’s help in creating a long-lasting memorial.

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise $90,000 to erect a metal statue of the Twilight Zone creator in Recreation Park.

The larger-than-life sized monument would show Serling in his classic arms crossed pose, albeit without the cigarette that he was often photographed holding.

Behind the image of Serling will be a door slightly ajar inscribed with the words “You unlock this door with the key of imagination.”

And Serling will be standing on a 2 foot base made up of donor bricks with personalized messages.

A tentative location for the monument is across the grass from the existing statue of George F Johnson.

Author and Serling enthusiast Nick Parisi is the President of the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation which is spearheading the effort.

Parisi says Rec Park is a perfect location because Serling played there as a child and based one of his famous episodes, “Walking Distance” on the park and surrounding neighborhood.

“We hope that it’s something that will be an attraction for Serling admirers, Serling fans to visit Binghamton and see this statue. Especially for people who don’t know Rod Serling, who don’t know that one of the 20th Century’s greatest writers called Binghamton home, and he loved this place. And we think it’s about time he had a statue there,” says Parisi.

Parisi guarantees that the statue, which has the blessing of the Serling family, will not be a repeat of the Lucille Ball statue in Jamestown that’s been dubbed “Scary Lucy.”

The foundation is also holding its 5th annual SerlingFest this weekend.

The event is free this year and takes place from 10 to 6 tomorrow at the Forum Theatre and from 10 to 4 Sunday at the Helen Foley Theater inside Binghamton High School.

The festival, which attracts Serling fans from all over, includes presentations, screenings and game shows.
For a schedule of events or a link to the Kickstarter, go to

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