Ken Butler kicked off mayoral ballot


BINGHAMTON, NY – A First Ward Resident running for Binghamton Mayor on a third party line was kicked off the ballot yesterday.

Earlier this year, Ken Butler submitted petitions to run for Mayor, under the People’s Party, which is his own creation.

Back in 2017, Butler tried to run but he was unable to due to the fact that he did not get enough signatures.

The state lowered how many signatures a person needs now so Butler thought he was able to get more than was needed.

But his cushion of 68 quickly evaporated when the Board of Elections sustained 132 objections filed by a local member of the Democratic Party.

At a hearing yesterday, it was ruled some signatures were ineligible and others weren’t registered voters, making Butler unable to run.

“It’s not going to deter me at all, it’s just giving me the motivation and more encouragement by the people to go forward and run as a write in because I have the ear to people and I have the voice of the people, so I’m going to be the voice of the people,” says Butler.

Butler says he is confident he will win even as a write in.

If he is elected, his first priority would be to fix housing problems in Binghamton.

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