BINGHAMTON, NY – A local Real Estate group is making neighborhoods a better place by planting some community gardens.

Every second Thursday in May all 900 offices of the Keller Williams group shut down world wide to give back to the communities.

The former President of the K-W Group, Mo Anderson, wanted to celebrate her birthday by bettering the community.

She named this day, RED Day, and RED stands for renew, energize and donate.

Team Leader of K-W Greater Binghamton, Allison Drihmi says she loves being able to make an impact.

“It really feels amazing, feels amazing to get out here and help in the areas that we serve and to the people that we serve. Being in neighborhoods like this is what we do everyday, so to be able to come and make them a little better for the people here is really a great experience,” says Drihmi.

This year the K-W group partnered with VINES to help make more community gardens.
VINES currently has 19 different gardens in the Triple City area.

Community Gardens Program Manger of VINES, Christina Zawerucha, says these gardens improve the way of life.

“We really make an effort to build community gardens in places that are identified as environmental justice areas. So, places that have different poverty rates, lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables at local grocery stores,” says Zaweruha.

VINES is always looking for volunteers to help create of maintain the gardens.

This Saturday at 11 am on 24 New Street in Binghamton, VINES is hosting an event asking the public to come out and help design a new community garden.