Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing day 2


WASHINGTON, DC – President Trump`s pick to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court spent a marathon day answering questions from Senators on the Judiciary Committee today.

NewsChannel 34’s Morgan Wright reports.

In day two of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing – lawmakers grilled the Judge on issues — from abortion and healthcare – to the presidential election.

{Senator Patrick Leahy, D/VT} Would you commit to recuse yourself from any dispute that arises out of the 2020 presidential elections?

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy said in a potential election dispute President Trump expects Barrett to side with him.

{*** Judge Amy Coney Barrett ***} I think it would be a complete violation of independence of the judiciary for anyone to put a Justice on the court as a means to pertaining a particular result.

Instead of asking questions Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse used his time to draw attention to campaigns to influence the high court.

{Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, D/RI} Something is not right around the court and dark money has a lot to do with special interests have a lot to do with it.

Republicans on the committee continued to praise Barrett’s qualifications and worthiness to serve a lifetime appointment.

{Senator Lindsey Graham, R/SC} if anybody in the country deserves to have a seat at the table based on the way they have lived their life and their capabilities in the law it is you Judge.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham examined Judge Barrett’s interpretation of the Constitution.

{Senator Lindsey Graham, R/SC} You said you were an orginalist, is that true, what does that mean in English?

{Judge Amy Coney Barrett} and I understand it to have the meaning that it had at the time people ratified it. So that meaning doesn’t change over time and it’s not up to me to update it or infuse my own policy views into it

Barrett’s hearing will continue through Thursday.

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